Creating from the heart, for the love of Art and Design. 

I combine both of my creative techniques, Design and Visual Art and apply them to most of my work as it fits to create outside the box results.


Miriam has been able to take my words, my feelings, my brand,
and make them a reality. She is responsive creative and business minded,
a combination not easily found in the Design world.
— Lisa C. - Capote Law Firm

Graphic Design

Design brings happiness into my life, it transports me to beautiful joyful and meaningful places, and I translate that experience into making my clients and their Brand look and feel great.


The process

When I create something for someone else, I get to CONNECT through the experience by getting to know my clients to help them shine through that creation. It is ALL about the process.   



I can go on and on about color, but it's best to allow color to speak for itself and come though as part of the Creative process. A Brand cool palette should look and feel harmonious and complementary.  

Miriam Soberanes is a very talented designer in addition to being patient, courteous and very professional. Miriam has an elegance, calmness and professionalism that comes across in everything she does. A real pleasure to work with and adds tremendous values to every project.
— Dan R. - Creative Director, GMCVB

My work in Graphic Design is influenced by being a Visual Artist. 

I have always had a passion for painting since I was 12 years old. I got a Bachelors in Fine Arts at New World School of the Arts in Miami where I explored that passion for Visual Arts and Graphic Design at the same time. I work with different elements, I work with my hands, with textures visually and applied on paper to enrich my work with different art techniques, and I feel a special connection with color.