Having Fear & Doing it Anyway!

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At this point, I am so incredibly grateful that I've made it this far into your mailbox, because if you're reading my introduction, I must have peaked your interest for some reason and I thank you just for clicking and opening my email. Having the Fear and Doing it Anyway happens to be my jam for 2019 and it's growing on me quite fast! I wear my Designer and Visual Art hats separately for the most part but at times we create a harmonious love triangle that allows me to dig deeper as I paint and incorporate that inspiration into my design work. I can focus on one of the disciplines or the other for weeks at a time, and they have both become my North Star.

Two years ago I incorporated Rare Velvet Designs in the midst of going through big personal losses, one of them was of my all-time hero, inspiration and example that I followed to become the woman that I am today, my gray-haired fragile but strong as a rock, wise, elegant, cultured, poised, brutally honest, fair, resilient and beautiful Concert Violinist, my Father. Yes, he was also an Artist and although he resisted my decision to become an Artist at the beginning of my career because of 'the struggle', later in life he insisted I would take this leap over and over and did not back down. However, having the fear and NOT doing it prevailed because quite honestly I just didn't think I had what it took back then, I felt like I had more to learn from other business owners and professional coaches in order to become a well-seasoned Creative Entrepreneur.

I know that making the decision to prepare myself the right way to run my own business was all my Father's doing to help me heal from the deep pain of his loss and to finally do what I was meant to do as my purpose in life. There isn't an amount of fear that can overshadow that strong of light, his light. His memory and how much he believed in my talent and inevitable success more than I believe in it myself got as beautifully loud as the sound that came out of his violin's strings when he played with so much passion. I knew it was time, I have never felt as comfortable in my own skin as I do now, and my work has no other choice but to reflect this humbling but powerful brilliant light inside of me that feels larger than life.

Four months ago I decided to take the leap into full-time ownership of my creative work schedule and start to run my own Creative Studio, Rare Velvet Designs. Running my self-sustained studio and making a profit from what I create, has been my dream since I finished my Bachelor in Fine Arts with a major in Communication Design and a minor in Visual Arts.

I want to take visual expression to another level, produce beautiful artwork to brighten up my clients' physical and emotional spaces, and help them shine through their Brand so they can feel as confident and proud of their accomplishments as I do now. Believe me, it's quite a delicious and sweet spot to tap into.

Rare Velvet Designs is open for business, is here to stay and continue to grow in ways that I hadn't imagined until a week ago when I decided to aim higher than ever! Please stay tuned for your bi-weekly CreativeFix! In the meantime reply to this email or use the icons below to stay in touch, and show me some Instagram love if you will!

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