A Creative ”AHA” Moment

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Last night I had a beautiful aha moment! I was a little bit in of a "funk", and while I could pinpoint every reason why I was in that funky space, it dawned on me that there was something different –– I hadn't created in the past 72 hrs, I had been taking care of other parts of my business that also fulfill me and bring me joy. ⁣

However, these "reasons" which have happened before and will continue to happen, didn't previously bring me down because I had been continuously creating without stopping, and that my friends, is where I find my absolute truth and WHY I do what I do!⁣

A beautiful email from one of my clients letting me know how happy I have made her with her initial Branding & Logo presentation brought it home and confirmed this beautiful "aha" moment! I want so much some more of that juiciness, contact me so we can work on making your Brand a stunning visual and genuine representation of YOUR WHY!⁣

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